Who we are?

SAWA Sport is all in one football analysis platform; SAWA is a technology company specialized in the development of intelligent systems.
SAWA Company was established in 2016 with the main aim to camera systems and computer vision (Image processing & machine learning). The wide research experiences in the video & sports area lead us to create our own product for sports analysis, which helps many professional sports clubs, coaches, players, players agent, scout, journalist & other parts involved in sports to increase their performance. The state of the art technology enables us to bring automated solutions for sports-oriented video analysis.
The ability to look at a performance on a screen allows coaches and analysts to look at individual elements of a performance and make decisions based on what they can see.

Our Vision

SAWA aims to be a global leading platform for analyzing players performance. That’s why we are continuously develops our products and platforms to offer the best experience for our customers in different sectors.

Our Mission

SAWA mission is to explain the reason behind every performance.

Our Services

By using AI technology, SAWA aimes to analyze all sports in general, In this phase starting with soccer ball which contain the following products:



Why using Talent Discovery?

Talent Discovery is the first software which focused on kids and youth players from scratch by learning them the basics of soccer with time frame basis; drills; formations, correcting their mistakes by pose estimation & body parts, giving them a report about their stats, improve their performance & helping them finding an opportunity to be a professional soccer player domestic, regional and worldwide.


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How it works?

do not miss ever a single,It is automatically recorded, prepared for analysis and to publish. That‘s SAWA.



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